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Managing Committiee - 2010 to 2013

Shri Vinod Vaikunt Kamat - President

Shri Gajanan P. Pai Vaidya - Secretary

Shri Suvarn Ramchandra Sinai Neurekar- Treasurer

Shri Pandurang F. Kamat - Attorney

Shri Kishore Ramnath Pai Kane - Substitute President

Shri Amar Vithaldas Pai Kakode - Substitute Secretary

Shri Bhagwant Krishna Pai Vernekar - Substitute Treasurer

Shri Sunil Satchit Pai - Substitute Attorney

Location  Of  The Temple  And Approach  Routes

The temple of Shree Mahalasa Narayani is in the village of Maddol (Mardol) of Ponda Taluka in Goa (India).  Goa is accessible by road, rail, air and sea from various parts of the country.

Maddol is on the National Highway No. 4 A on its part connecting three cities viz. Panaji - Ponda - Madgaon (Margao) in Goa.

Panaji and Madgaon are connected by road to all the Major cities of neighbouring Karnataka and Maharashtra state.

Maddol is 21 kms South of Panaji and at 24 kms North of Madgaon on the Panaji - Old Goa - Maddol - Ponda - Madgaon route.

There is one more road connecting Madgaon & Panaji cities.  However, it is essential to take the route via Ponda only, as Maddol is on this route.

The temple is at about 200 mtrs. from the bus stop at Maddol.

Goa is connected with other parts of the country by two rail - lines.

One of them is running North - South along the West coast and is known as Konkan Railway line.  This route is convenient to those who are to arrive from Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai, Karwar, Mangalore and other cities on or close to this route.

The convenient railway station is Karmali, which is about 3 kms. from the village of Old Goa through which passes the Panaji - Maddol - Ponda road.  Maddol is 12 kms. from Old Goa and the frequency of public transport is very satisfactory.

The other train route is running East - West with major stations being Londa, Sanvordem, Madgaon and Vasco da Gama.  Londa is the junction of the Pune - Hubli - Bangalore segment.  The devotees taking this route are advised to alight at Sanvordem as the bus stand to take up further journey from Sanvordem - Ponda - Maddol route is close to the railway station.

The airport in Goa is at Dabolim which is about 30 kms. from both Panaji at North and Madgaon at South.  The airline buses take the passengers to their office at Panaji from where one can take either taxi or public transport to arrive at Maddol by road as explained above under road route.

One may also hire a taxi at Dabolim and can take the route via Cortalim - Loutolim - Ponda to Maddol which is about 40 kms.

Goa is connected to Mumbai by seasonal steamer services.  The season is from October to mid May.  The steamer leaving Mumbai arrives at Panaji city from where further journey can be taken up by road.
 However, the steamer services may seasonally get disrupted / discontinued.